Custom Painting and Detailing Services



I am now offering custom painting and detailing in HO and N Scale.  Turn around time averages 1 to 2 weeks depending on how much of a back log I have and my training schedules at work.  I do not consider myself a professional and therefore do not charge over the top prices.  This is strictly a hobby for me, but enjoy working projects for others out there that either don't have the equipment or the time to work on their own stuff.

For railroads that are not Class I's, if you have pictures of a particular engine please send those or provide a link to it on the internet.  I have a decent library, but I'll be the first to admit it's still far from complete.

All shipping is done via USPS Priority Mail or First Class Airmail for International shipments.  Cost is dependant on number of engines and your location.

Models are not included in the price as they are supplied by the individual requesting the service.  Decals can be supplied by the owner for a discount.

I can accept PayPal or Money Orders, please no personal checks.

Turn around times will vary depending on my work schedule and the number of open projects.  I can give an estimate at the time of the request.

Custom Painting: Diesels (Sorry, no steam or brass at this time).

- One color paint scheme - $70 (Conrail, NS, NW, Missouri Pacific, KCS, GATX, etc)

- Two color paint schemes - $80 (CSX, BNSF, Union Pacific, FURX, Florida East Coast, etc)

- Three or more colors - $90 (Great Northern, etc)

- Decals must be available from a commercial source.  Prices above are with decals included.  Subtract $5 if decals are provided with the engine. 

Custom Painting: Rolling Stock, including passenger cars (plastic or resin only at this time)

- One color paint scheme - $25

- Two color paint schemes - $30

- Three or more colors - $35

- Decals must be available from a commercial source.  Prices above are with decals included.  Subtract $5 if decals are provided with the rolling stock.

Custom Detailing Prices for N Scale (includes touch up paint if required).  Pictures of the various detail parts can be found here.  Average time to complete a full detail job is 8-9 hours.  HO detailing prices have not been established yet, but can be furnished upon request.  I'm still building my inventory of parts.

- Engine Renumbering, including number boards - $15

- Mu Cables (x2) - $5

- Mu Hoses (x4) - $5

- Trainline Hoses (x2) - $5

- Sunshades (x2) - $5

- Rearview Mirrors - $5

- Grab Irons (15" or 18" or mix) - $20 (includes painting to match the engine)

- Coupler Conversions - $10  (free if you include the couplers)

- Lift Rings - $10

- Windshield Wipers - $5

- BLMA Roof Exhaust Fans - $20

- Roof Mounted A/C Units - $5

- Cut Levers (x2) - $15

- GE Wide Cab Detail Set - $15 (includes the nose and eyebrow grab irons)

**Ditch lights are currently unavailable due to supply issues with my source.

other details can be quoted on a case by case basis.

Contact me via email with your request and quote.  I'll normally respond within 24 hours.

Satisfaction guaranteed or I'll buy the model back from you (predetermined cost agreed upon before work begins).



This page was last updated February 23, 2014